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What is an Architect | What do they do

What is an ARCHITECT?

All sorts of people plan their perfect home or building project of any type. The ideas they aspire to are usually a reflection of their basic living requirements, recreational lifestyle, long term aspirations, corporate identity and any special needs they may have.

Architects are the most highly trained and thus accomplished creative force within building projects and are responsible for transforming dreams, aspirations and lifestyle plans into reality for their Clients.

Architects are responsible for the design of external and internal spaces which meet the requirements of their Client’s brief. They bring to any project, a wide range of pertinent skills not possessed by any other group. Architects can and should be involved from the very early stages of even site selection through the design, management and construction of your project.

To legally participate in their vocation Architects must be University qualified and Registered with the Board of Architects in the State where they undertake work. The term ‘Architect’ is reserved by Law for use only by individuals with established qualifications which give them the skills, experience and independence to create designs and fully manage the procurement of building projects on behalf of their Clients.

All architects are accredited by relevant government authorities to meet minimum standards in providing building design, project and contract documentation and contract administration services.


Architects interpret the individual requirements of their Clients and assess in depth, the attributes of many other factors which will influence the design. These include the site, climate and local issues. They do so within predetermined budgets, time frame and in accordance with regulations established by governing bodies and industries.

The services of an Architect include -

 Site evaluation
 Assistance in selection of the ideal site for your project
 Creation of design briefs
 Cost analysis
 Creation of a custom design for your individual project
 Project documentation to facilitate accurate tendering, approvals and
 Direction of the project team as the agent of the Owner
 Contract administration throughout and after construction
 Ensuring the Client gets what has been contracted

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